My second interview with Israeli News Live – thank you again to Steven DeNoon!  This time, we go more into detail about the book itself, Chelsea’s New Beginning and more!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Chelsea the Golden Retriever! Chelsea’s New Beginning is NOW available on!!

Are you looking for an amazing gift for this holiday season? Look no further – Chelsea’s New Beginning is an inspiring tale about a puppy who learns to find hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. That’s one thing the holidays are all about.

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Chelsea’s New Beginning was a really great story.

Chelsea is a golden retriever in a story about never giving up hope. Chelsea and her readers learn that no matter what happens to you in life, it is always possible to find new love and new family. I think this is a great message to kids of all ages, and especially those that have gone through real life crisis and are needing new beginnings. This short story takes the readers on an emotional journey showing Chelsea getting adopted from her birth family, but things not work out with her new adopted family. Chelsea tried really hard to fit in, but it just was not meant to be and Chelsea found herself abandoned, alone, and trying to make new friends in a new strange and scary place. Eventually Chelsea finds someone new to love her and ends up in a huge mixed and blended family situation and a variety of interesting characters. Each character is unique and presented in a way that makes you want to read more about them. Chelsea will inspire great curiosity in children, with both easy to understand language and great bright illustrations. The challenges Chelsea experiences are heart felt, as well as heart breaking and something that many children would be able to feel and relate too. Chelsea’s New Beginning get the highest possible rating there is to offer, and I have already spoken to the author about arranging a standing order for any new book in this series.

– Franklin T. from Toronto, Ontario Canada

If you’re interested in learning more about Chelsea the Golden Retriever and my journey as an author, tune in to watch this interview with me and Steven DeNoon from Israeli News Live.  Once again, a big thank you to Steven for having me live on his show!

Click on this link to learn Chelsea’s story and learn how you can get your copy!

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