A Word From Daniel On Grieving Pet Loss

When Chelsea was given up by her first family in Chelsea’s New Beginning, she experienced loss and abandonment. She was adopted into a new family, but it wasn’t long until it was made clear to her that the only child didn’t want anything to do with her. His parents didn’t want to take responsibility for a puppy their son didn’t want, so they gave her up to an animal shelter.

Imagine what it was like for her during her first night: unloved, unwanted, surrounded by sad dogs, and feeling very alone. But even though she didn’t have an owner anymore, she wasn’t alone. She found a friend in Brizo who was in the same boat she was. Because Chelsea and Brizo were able to relate to each other in their circumstances, Chelsea was able to hang in there and endure her less-than-ideal situation until Nathan walked into the shelter, noticed her, and found it in his heart to fit one more pet in his house out in the country. Chelsea’s story doesn’t end here – it’s only the beginning because Nathan gave her reason to hope again.

Many people experience loss when they lose a family member, a friend, or any loved one. A pet often fits all three of these descriptions. Whether your pet has been a part of your life temporarily or for twenty years, it’s still very painful and heart wrenching because they were such an important part of your life. They brought you love, joy, and happiness during the time they spent with you. The difficult times you had together only made the journey worth it. Like Nathan did with Chelsea, they came into your life giving you hope, and it can happen again when you give another pet that very thing.

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